Trading / Gaming Log
11/20/07: Got sweetie05 and a white star from gyuhyun's memory.
Got innocence14 and a white star from Scramble.
Got rainbow08 from Perspective.
Got tuhon05 from Random.
11/14/07: Recieved angel02 and a white star from Easy Puzzle.
Got five in the black cd and junsu + boa and jaejoong polaroids from trading in stars.

11/13/07: recieved schism10, poorhotdog06, playback07, tuhon03, euphony05 from the update.
+ schism03, playback12, euphony06, 15to3005, myname10 from creating.
Got euphony10 from the freebie.
Recieved gravity01, capped14, saranghae03, traitor15, civilian19, generation02. innocence08, gravity10, fieldtrip01, poorhotdog08, ontheedge04, no107 raccoon01, innocence18, backwards08 as staff pay.
+ x2 blue x4 red x8white stars
+ 5 Choice (risingsun13, eternal14, eternal07, eternal08, eternal11)

10/27/07: Traded miracle07, raccoon06, rokkugeo09, citylife01, citylife02, saranghae14, u05, suju0513, and knockout01 for obtuse09, innocence07, animality02, vacation14, wish10, escapade09, youth15, youth22, and serenity04 with Uyuki.
Traded classic12 for youth02 with wendy + membercards.
Got player05, highfive11, funnyman15, trymylove07, scorpio08, vacation01, prince02, innocence19, prince15, hug01 from the randomizer.
Got eternal03, eternal10, & ohmicky01 from the freebies [for halloween].
Got fieldtrip12, no108, and a whitestar from lyrical whimsy.
Traded highfive11 for serenity02 with Jennifer.

10/21/07: Got fieldtrip06 and sweetvoice05 from deck freebies.
Got innocence13 from the weekly freebie.
Recieved smile12 and a white star from easy puzzle.
Recieved eternal01 and a white star from Gyuhyun's memory.
Recieved innocence08 and a white star from scramble.
Recieved aurora13 from perspective.
Recieved tears14 from random.

10/15/07: Traded harmony14, versailles13, and hammerboy14 for risingsun15, lover08, smile06 with Jennifer.
Traded vacation06 for aurora05 with Katoshi + member card.

10/13/07: Recieved eternal15 and white star from easy puzzle
Recieved ohmicky08 and a white star from gyuhyun's memory
Recieved dance11 and a white star from scramble.
Recieved tears04 from perspective.
Recieved generation02 from random
Got sweetie11 from weekly freebie
Got obtuse04, capped14, and harmony14 from the deck freebies
Recieved risingsun02, risingsun03, lyricist05, citylife02, and a gold star for master trymylove deck.
Purchased a csjh polaroid.

Credity magic
- Nori and her amazingness for hosting n__n;;
- Gender and Colorfilter for Textures, brushes, etc.