Trading / Gaming Log
03/30/08: Recieved gold prejoin card.
Traded victory14 and lastfarewell14 for dolphin02 and proud09 with Nesias + Member card.
Recieved insa20, mystyle01, balladeer08, and membercard#2 from leveling up.
Traded legend06, legend10, legend14, and sweety08 for jonemoretimeok14, jonemoretime15, atlantisprincess09, and atlantisprincess11 with Jennifer.
Recieved closetotears08, snowprince12, warning01, dejavu02, dontdon15, letters09, choreography12, voice14, shyness18,simba14, snow17 and yeolset18 from the Update.
Recieved insa05 for the survey.
Recieved ringleader01, loseyourmind15, dot-2 from Easy Puzzle.
Recieved wayuare07, choreography08, choreography05, 2xyellow, 1xred from PV Guess.
Recieved dontdon07, upinthesky04, rush07, konemoretimeok13, 1green, 1purple from Lost in Translation.
Recieved victory07, letters01, 1teal from Restore Color.
Recieved voice05, choreography07, shyness12, snow04, crabdance05, walk01, 2xdot-2, 1 blue from Memory Match.

03/28/08: From the Easter Egg Hunt:
egg2, rockstar20, gravity11, piranha17, boyfriend11, 1 purple, 1 colorless
egg3, krisingsun12, orange candy, 2x green, 1 purple
egg5, victory14, gangsta06, dreamscometrue05, 2x colorless
egg6, u04, princess14, proud02, balladeer15
egg7, 2x orange, babe02
egg8, rising11, wayuare09, colorless
egg9, livewire15, jonemoretimeok12, 2x purple, 1 red, 1 yellow
basket, chapterone09, walk12, haengbok10, oseihango06, 7passion12, 1 teal, 2x purple, 2x green, 1 dot-2.

03/25/08: Traded heaven09, heaven11, mature05, timeless08, and timeless13 for insa14, insa16, princess11, wayuare04, and wayuare06 + member cards with Wendy.

03/24/08: Traded sweety01 for rising15 + Member cards with Jennifer.
03/23/08: Recieved drive10 from a survey.
Took fan01, soul05, jonemoretimeok15 from the weekly freebies.
Got crazyguy16, crazyguy04, yadong09, yadong06, fishy02, fishy17, atlantisprincess12, atlantisprincess08, mysweetie13, mysweetie10, shineweare07, shineweare09, jonemoretimeok01, jonemoretimeok14, konemoretimeok05, konemoretimeok08, oseihango05, oseihango02 from the new decks.

03/19/08: Recieved starter pack (92 cards total; 15 original starter pack + 5 candies // 77 cards for original member + 8 candies)

Credity magic
- Nori and her amazingness for hosting n__n;;
- Gender and Colorfilter for Textures, brushes, etc.