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Hello~ welcome to Lizzy's TCG collective. Here you'll find my TCG collections~! If you'd like to trade, feel free to email me at nayatsumi@gmail.com or comment at the respective areas here (since I can't let my lj that I created for trading to go to waste :P~) And I'll get back to you ASAP.
Red Sun

NAME: Lizzy
Collecting: Eternal
Level Two
Card Count: 259 // Total Card Worth: 270

Eusha Eusha

Name: Lizzy
Collecting: Insa
Level Two
Card Count: 165

NAME: Lizzy (REJOIN~!)
Collecting: Rhythm
Level One
Card Count: 12

Credity magic
- Nori and her amazingness for hosting n__n;;
- Gender and Colorfilter for Textures, brushes, etc.